Corporate Group Retirement Plan Proposal Generator

2005-2006 – Fourteen tab workbook.  Each tab contained detailed cost, service and investment performance questions and or/analysis.  Answers to the questions were color coded with conditional formatting and linked through to update a proposal summary page at the end.  Green items were in good shape.  Red items represented an area in which our firm might be able to offer value.  A summary full of red was a sales opportunity.  A summary full of green was not.  Each tab had an appropriate page number coded.  Each page was formatted with appropriate page breaks.  Once all the information was received and entered a full proposal could be generated by simply printing the entire workbook, complete with cover page.

Many times prospects were cold upon our arrival.  Problems in group retirement plans were common at the time and many CFOs, Controllers, etc. had limited knowledge about them.  But calls they got were often from brokers who did not have anything of value to offer.  This programmed analysis was designed to show them we had a real product and differentiate us from the broker trying to win the account with personality alone.  By the time we finished going through our analysis their attitude toward us had warmed completely and they were eager to schedule a follow-up meeting to view our results.