Mouse Pads

2006-2011 – Maintained an important mouse pad brand.  Our mouse pads featured government-regulated numbers retirement industry workers need to conduct daily tasks.  Normally they would have to look these figures up online or refer to taped up cheat sheets.  Our mouse pads were more convenient and created a professional presentation.  The original mouse pad design had to be updated from year to year when new numbers came out.  It was also revised as a companion design for a second product.  The vendor chosen by my predecessor was changed early on, as product was of poor quality.  The company selected through a subsequent vendor search served well for five years.  Management of design changes was done in Adobe Photoshop.  Finalized PSD files were sent via FTP to the vendor in Alaska.  We ordered large quantities of these mouse pads for trade shows, as they were popular.  At times we ordered more from the trade show once our supply was close to depleted.