Family Archive

2012-2013 – Converted 14,000 hard copy items to digital, including images, videos, audio files and PDFs. Installed a file archive web platform. Added significant new features with custom programming, such as a script that adds an item’s creation year to the database entry for each new upload.  This allowed items to be searchable by year. Coded each uploaded item to a collection. Created three additional archives by family branch: Copied system files and all user files containing applicable collections to the new family branch sites. Split the database: Copied back end entries for each applicable collection to new family branch sites. Set up https: on each. Weeded out 20GB worth of redundant digital content from new user files in the cloned sites. Wrote comprehensive instructions for each site. Sent credentials to all users and made sure they could log in. Installed Google Analytics on each site to help manage content.


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